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The fastest way to monitor your network

Just run NetPatrol client once, and the app automatically install and connect with server.

Web Interface

Administer NetPatrol by Internet.

File Launcher by Time

This feature is perfect for LAN HOUSES! NetPatrol automatically launch some file in a pre-defined time. When the time end, NetPatrol automatically close the application.

Screen Logs

Configure NetPatrol to automatically grab screenshots of the remote computer and save in the

Application Logs

Configure NetPatrol to automatically watch all applications that have been used by user.

Keyboard Logs

Configure NetPatrol to automatically log all the keystrokes from the keyboard.

Cam Logs

With the remote computer have a webcam installed, NetPatrol can automatically grab
screenshots and save in the server for further use or view.

Process Manager

You can see all aplications running in real-time by user. And if necessary, kill this

Network Control

Allow your users to use network/internet only for a time per day or by TCP/IP transfer credits.
You can set maximum download transfer, and block users or block Windows.


Apply security to Microsoft Windows OS with Netpatrol. That includes:

- Hide All Desktop Icons, Hide the Taskbar settings on the start menu, Hide Control Panel;
Printer and Network Settings, Deny Access to display settings, Remove the ability to
right-click on the start menu, disable registry editing tools, disable right-click on the

Block Software

Block all the applications, websites and documents from being accessed by users. Or, enable only a few applications to be executed and close all application not authorized.

System Information

View summary information of the remote computer. Such as computer name, operating system, current user, hard disk capacity and more...

Advanced Actions

Restart, Shutdown computer, run some app or send a message in the pre-programmed time.

Control files by time

You can launch files and set a pre-determined time to file close automatically. Excellent for LAN HOUSES!


Chat with your users by using NetPatrol Chat.

and more...

- Full support for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

- Copy, Explore, Delete, Execute all the files in the remote computer.

- Automatically synchronize remote computer clock with the server clock.

- Password protection.

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