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Total Monitoring

DigitalWeb NetPatrol is the most advanced tool to monitor and control your network. Developed by the same creators of DigitalWeb InstallWizard. Everything is intuitive and easy to use. Now you can monitor, spy or know everything about the users in your network. Netpatrol makes reports of all softwares running and everything that user typed in an application. You can grab screenshots of desktop and photos with webcam. It is possible to block applications, websites and more!

How the system works ?

Just run DigitalWeb NetPatrol Client in the machines that you want to monitor and automatically the software install and communicate with server.

If you want to:

- Grab screenshots of other computers
- Grab the keystrokes from keyboard of remote computer
- Know the applications executed in remote machine
- Grab webcam shots of other computers
- Know all the process running in remote computer
- Set time or credits to use the internet
- Tweak Windows 95/98/ME to hide icons, hide control panel and more...
- Block applications from being run
- Get information from remote machine, like HD space, memory and more...
- Run application, ShutDown or Restart remote computer
- Chat with users
- Run hidden
- more, more, more!